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  1. Commander General Discussion
    Does anyone have the bump seat from pister pro they would sell? I can’t find them anywhere online. Seems every other sxs has a bump seat kit to purchase except the commander.
  2. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I have a pair of Commander/Renegade/Outlander drive belts, part number 422280360, for sale. Check the part number for compatibility with your machine. One of the belts is new in the box, the other belt appears to have some use, but looks to be in good shape and suitable for a spare. The used...
  3. Commander General Discussion
    Hey guys- First off, this forum is awesome. I have been able to trouble shoot and work on my 2012 1000 XT from reading the posts on here, so thank you! I shredded a belt a few weeks ago and just installed a new one yesterday (OEM belt). While I was in there, I cleaned the clutches and...
  4. Commander 1000
    Hey everyone! I just came across this Forum and really look forward to learning from you guys! I recently bought a used 2014 Commander and my four wheel drive is not working. The computer recognizes that I put it into four-wheel drive, but it does not engage. I am as ignorant as anyone you...
  5. Commander MAX
    I am 5'8" tall and find myself looking right at the top of the half windshield in the Commander. It is especially annoying when climbing a hill. Has anyone tried cutting the half windshield down about 2-3" with a plexiglass jigsaw bit? Or are there other half windshield options for the...
  6. Commander Videos & Pictures
    After riding for the first trip in our 2020 Commander I can already tell I will need a lift kit. How high would you guys and gals suggest on a lift and what brand. I will go bigger on a tire after these ware but not until then.Any suggestions or opinions are welcome.
  7. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I have a OEM factory right axle, great condition, approximately 200 Miles on it. $125.00 OBO + Shipping I live in Aitkin MN 56431
  8. Commander 1000
    Hello folks, For the past few years I've been very active in the Honda forums, both for ATVs and SxS. However, yesterday I purchased the very first Can-Am I have ever owned, and added it to the Southwest ORV T&E fleet, so I will now be joining your community. I had intended to purchase a BRAND...
  9. Commander MAX
    Just got my Commander. Haven’t even got to ride it yet but will tomorrow. Several of us are going on a trip in a few weeks to the Hatfield and McCoy’s trails to ride for a day and a half. My questions are... 1. Do I need to buy a drive belt or anything that may break or wear out and cause me to...
  10. Commander 1000
    This is my first time posting in a forum, so hopefully I’m posting in the right place... But after reading post in forums the last couple days I am extremely worried I screwed up buying a Can Am. I just purchased a new 2019 Can Am Commander Max XT 1000R from Schronce in Taylorsville NC. I pick...
  11. RT PRO UTV
    RT Pro is proud to support Commander Forums. We have a new discount code available for use on the RT Pro website to save Forum Members 10% !! CODE: RTCOMMANDER19
  12. Commander General Discussion
    Hey everyone, Haven't posted a ton but going through the process of putting a gun rack into my 17 commander, I really like the idea of the rigid molle panels and am thinking of doing either a) one large one covering most of the roof or two smaller ones separated to fit roughly a rifle length. I...
  13. Commander 1000
    Please help me troubleshoot my stock 2014 Can Am Commander Max 1000 DPS. It has about 4500 miles on it and no issues with the primary or secondary clutch. On level ground it shifts fine into and out of all gears. When on an incline it gets stuck in low. It shifts fine out of high gear in all...
  14. Commander General Discussion
    Hello, i have a 2014 800 r with 3500kms. Never ever looked at it before just drove it. Just serviced it and noticed the right side front tire is quite sloppy and the left is a little. The right side seems like tire-rod end but towards the back like its almost the rack. Was the rack and tire...
  15. Commanders For Sale
    Selling a 2014 commander 1000 DPS. - 1140 miles It has factory power steering and many aftermarket parts. Includes the following. SuperATV: Windshield, Winch, Front Bumper, A-Arm Guards, and Rock Sliders EMP: Front Skid Plate and Aluminum Roof Tusk: Full 3/8" Thick Skid Plate Can Am: Rear...
  16. Commander MAX
    Just purchased my first Can Am, a 2017 Commander Max 800R DPS. At the time of purchase, I purchased the Can Am flip up windshield as well as the Lonestar Racing aluminum roof. The dealership didn't have the roof in stock, so it is being shipped to them. I installed the windshield already...
  17. Commander MAX
    I just bought a 2016 Can Am Commander Max 800R DPS and I am having trouble finding a snorkel kit for it. Does anyone make a snorkel kit for this model? I have seen many kits for older models and mainly 2 seaters. I know some may fabricate their own but with my busy work schedule any free time I...
  18. Commander Performance Modifications
    I duck hunt and the exhaust is so low on the 2014 commander i don't want to risk any back flow of water into the exhaust pipe. would welding an extension to the exhaust, such as a 90 up to below the bed and a 90 back out, mess anything up as far as performance wise?
  19. Commanders For Sale
    Looking to purchase. Cash ready in hand.
  20. Commander General Discussion
    Does Garmin have a trail map for riding? I currently use Polaris Ride Command, but looking for a better option than an app on my phone. What is everyone using that works best for them? :noupstoday01: :commander:
1-20 of 81 Results