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  1. Commander dies at random

    Commander MAX
    My 16 commander will die when coming to a stop at times and then will take a while to restart. Will crank for about 45 seconds then start and run the rest of the day normally. Doesn’t happen all the time but very random.
  2. 2019 Commander parts

    Commander MAX
    Just got my Commander. Haven’t even got to ride it yet but will tomorrow. Several of us are going on a trip in a few weeks to the Hatfield and McCoy’s trails to ride for a day and a half. My questions are... 1. Do I need to buy a drive belt or anything that may break or wear out and cause me to...
  3. Anyone have an enclosed trailer for their max?

    Commander MAX
    Hey All, I've searched high and low and can't find any posts where someone has their Commander Max in an enclosed trailer. I'm looking at a Stealth Super Lite 16x8.5 with a 79" interior height. This would make the door opening approximately 76", which is the spec height of the max. I know I...
  4. 2" Highlifter lift and 2" spacers, information needed.

    Commander Performance Modifications
    I have been reading all over about different experiences with a 2" highlifter lift and doing 2" spacer all the way around. I wanted to post to see if it is truly worth it. We have a completely stock 2016 commander max and have been playing with the idea for quite some time. We are mostly trail...
  5. New here

    Commander MAX
    Hello, I've recently decided to look into purchasing my first SxS. I've been doing as much research as I can, but still don't know all too much about them. I had basically decided on getting a Max XT then I started looking at the Teryx4. Now I know this is a commander forum, but I'm sure some...
  6. Old plow, New Commander

    Commander General Discussion
    I finally made the switch last week, purchasing a 2015 Commander Max XT. Don't know why I waited so long! Anyways, I kept my Glacier II plow and mount from my old Ranger. Has anyone tried to mount a Glacier II plow to their Commander? Is there a mounting plate available, or would I have to...
  7. What type of lift/mods?

    Commander MAX
    Just bought a Max over the weekend and looking for some help as to what mods to put on it. We ride the rocky trails of the Ozark National Forest and for sure need to put some type of lift just for the GC. Should I just do the racertech lift? Its seems to get good reviews on here. If I do...
  8. Can Am Commander Max & Maverick Max 2014 and Newer Sport Roof with Skylight #71500196

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Can Am Commander Max & Maverick Max 2014 and Newer Sport Roof with Skylight #71500196 Asking $500. Retails for $849 plus tax. Barely used sport roof with holes in front section for lightbar. Holes are currently capped DESCRIPTION Commander MAX 2014 & up Maverick MAX 2014 & up Maverick MAX...
  9. New 2014 Commander Max signal kit question

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    Just picked up the new commander max 4 seater a couple weeks ago. I am in the progress of making it street legal. Of course seeing that it is so new there are no parts available for it yet. Some are the same as the 2 seater so those work. Which is great because I still have my 2 seater...