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  1. 2020 Commander Max 800DPS

    Commander General Discussion
    Fixing to make a purchase on a 2020 Commander Max 800 Was wanting your guys input on what I should do first thing as far as mods? Any info is welcome
  2. Throttle Issue

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    I have a 2013 commander 800, right now it idles weird. Has a small sputter like it can't figure out how much fuel it needs. It will idle fine then sputter. Doesn't matter if it's warmed up or on a cold start. Does the same thing while riding especially when you are trying to just putt around. If...
  3. Past owner name scrolls on screen at startup

    Commander 800R
    Just purchased a used 2013 commander 800 R. When I turn the key on the previous owners name flashes across the screen. Anyone know how to get ride of this other than going to a dealer? Thanks
  4. New UTV

    Commander 800R
    I'm purchasing a UTV for my wife. Found a 2011 Commander 800 xt with only 200 miles. Price is $10k. Is that a good price? Anything I should worry about? Second choice is a new 2012 Ranger 800 with power steering. She is going to use around the property for work and some trail riding...