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  1. Commander General Discussion
    Does anyone have the bump seat from pister pro they would sell? I can’t find them anywhere online. Seems every other sxs has a bump seat kit to purchase except the commander.
  2. Commander General Discussion
    Currently, working on may dad's machine to try to get it running. My old man passd away recently, and I have determined that his 2014 Commander 1000 has not ran in a long time. Maybe a couple years since it has been started. Here is what I have done. REPLACED FUEL TANK AND PUMP - Fuel tank...
  3. Commander General Discussion
    Playing around with photoshop and came up with Ice Blue, Alien Green, Trump Orange, Magenta Madness
  4. Commander MAX
    Just got my Commander. Haven’t even got to ride it yet but will tomorrow. Several of us are going on a trip in a few weeks to the Hatfield and McCoy’s trails to ride for a day and a half. My questions are... 1. Do I need to buy a drive belt or anything that may break or wear out and cause me to...
  5. Commander 1000
    I am looking at a 2017 Can-Am Commander Max XT 1000. It has 30.6 hours and 323 miles on it. It has a few aftermarket items such as front and rear windshields, can am roof, MTX sound bar, and a second set of MSA wheels and tires (almost street like) that are 30s. Minimal scratches on it and it...
  6. Vendor Deals
    Until The end of the Month of April we are offering Free Shipping on in stock FOX Shocks for your Commander.
  7. Commanders For Sale
    I have a 2014 CAMO commander 1000 XT for sale. It has ~300 miles on the odometer and is in awesome condition. It has had the first service done by the dealership. I am the original owner and have all paperwork. It is plated in Tennessee (used to go to gas station 1 mile from my house). SOLD...
  8. Commander Roll Cages, Seats and Belts
    Commanders, one and all! I have ordered the TMW Off-Road Can-Am Commander 1/2 Roll Cage for my 2012 XT1000. Now I am looking for a soft-top and side (window) netting for that roll cage. Please let me know if you have found these items for your TMW extension or if you know of anyone that...
  9. Commander 1000
    hi guys like the post says im looking for some part numbers for a new belt for my 2013 commander 1000 XT I only have 145 miles and I think I ruined it pulling out a 3/4 ton chevy that was stuck. it now jerks at take off once going is fine but shakes and jerks at first engagement. I did a search...
  10. Commander 1000
    Just bought a new 2013 Commander XT. What is the maximum size tire and wheel I can put on it without lifting or spacers?
  11. Commander General Discussion
    My friends and family are all talking about planning a trip to Utah to ride the dunes and we are looking information and opinions on where to go and things to do. We are plaining on going in the last week of June or so and there will be possibly six side x sides. We plan on taking RV's so we...
  12. Projects and How-To
    Alright y'all I just bought a 2013xt 1000 commander and I love it so far. Eventually I want to do wheels tires lift and exhaust but for now I really want to put a top on it, I'm thinking I can do it with a little time.. I just wanted to know if anyone has done this or if anyone has any pointers...
  13. Commanders For Sale
    We are looking to buy a commander xt - would like it to have a roof and stereo - backseat package would be a plus. We live in BC but can ship it from anywhere in Canada or the US.
  14. Commander General Discussion
    So i have purchased my new 1000 xt and just curious of peoples opinions/experience with TRUE mudding. I live here in the big ak. I purchased this thing for hunting with hopes that it would do close to as good as my outlander. Whats everyone got to say?
1-14 of 14 Results