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    Until The end of the Month of April we are offering Free Shipping on in stock FOX Shocks for your Commander.
  3. Question about Knocking noise coming from 2011 Commander 1000x

    Commander Performance Modifications
    Its a 2011 Commander 1000x.... It has a knocking noise while idling.... its a constant knocking.... But it has oil and was never ran dry... Does anyone have any idea what it could be without hearing it?!!
  4. 2013 Commander x 1000 for sale

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    My Commander x 1000 is for sale. It has only 569.8 miles and 53.1 hours and a extended warranty. It is in stock form besides the full easily removable front windshield, full hard top roof, a Warn 4000 lb steel cable winch with remote , and a ssvworks weather proof Hi-Def stereo. SSV Works - Side...
  5. 2011 Commander X - Oklahoma - For Sale

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    2011 Can-Am Commander with 1865 miles, asking $11,350. The vehicle has a custom roll cage with doors and window nets, a relocated radiator to help keep heat away from the driver. This vehicle also includes 5-point Simpson harnesses, wicked-Bilt Electra-Steer power steering unit, a Rack-zilla...
  6. Rear Diff noise solution(Worked for me)

    Commander 1000
    Since I bought my commander X everything was great, but it had a weird sound when speeding up but I didn´t do anything. Then it started to increase and became louder, so it started to annoy me and I started searching for any possible "solutions", tried a couple of them but didn't work. Then...
  7. Wanted 2011 can am 1000x

    Commanders For Sale
    We are looking for a 1000 x Commander. We are in southern Oklahoma. Please contact ASAP. We would like to purchase as soon as possible. :commanderroll: Thanks! Chaneycoupons At Yahoo. Com