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  1. Suspected clutch issue / grinding

    Commander General Discussion
    2017 Commander 1000 When shifting from park to high I have about a 15% chance of hearing a loud grinding noise. It sounds like the clutch is not engaging. This will not happen if I shift gears from park to low or low to high. When I shift it is from a stopped position and with the motor at...
  2. Transmission problem

    Commander 1000
    Please help me troubleshoot my stock 2014 Can Am Commander Max 1000 DPS. It has about 4500 miles on it and no issues with the primary or secondary clutch. On level ground it shifts fine into and out of all gears. When on an incline it gets stuck in low. It shifts fine out of high gear in all...
  3. Commander Parts For Sale

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I Have parts laying around that i think it is time to start getting rid of. QE Front Diff $400 Sold Front Axles L & R (stock) $100 ea Right Side Sold Rear Axles 2 (Slasher Brand) $100 ea Rear Axle 1 (stock) $100 ea Rear Trailing Arms $150 Upper and Lower A Arms with Bushings and ball joints...
  4. needing some help.

    Commander General Discussion
    Got several things I'm gonna so if yall can give insight on so I'm gonna number them and if you have an answer for any I'd appreciate the help. 1. The most important thing is I'm having problems shifting my 1000xt. It started giving me problems after I had my belt changed. My dad's friend, who...
  5. OEM Secondary Blew Apart..

    Commander Performance Modifications
    Hey everyone. Been lurking in the shadows for a couple months now, but first post on the site and as usual, first posts aren't usually good.. lol So here's my problem. So trudging through snow last week, the bolt holding the secondary clutch backed out and grenaded it. The helix and back plate...
  6. STM Primary and Secondary for sale

    Commanders For Sale
    These clutches are brand new for my Commander 1000 Limited. I paid $1600 for them less than a month ago. I put them in, test drove it for less than an hour. I have to sell the Commander so I have put it back to stock. These clutches made my Commander scream!! Rage 3 Primary Can Am STM...
  7. Dalton clutch kit

    Commander Performance Modifications
    I pretty much have my mind made up on the Dalton DBC 1000 clutch kit for a 2012 xt 1000. Does anyone have any ideas suggestions or alternatives to the kit before I make the purchase? Also the best price I have seen is on Amazon for about $250 does anybody know of any place cheaper? My machine...
  8. Factory Can Am Clutch Kit

    Commander Performance Modifications
    I was at the dealer yesterday and was told that Can Am was working on a factory clutch kit that was going to have the commanders running with the Maverick. Has anyone heard about this with more detail than I got????
  9. Cvtech/Ostacruiser Clutch issue

    Commander General Discussion
    Clutch Noise I finally was able to get a chance to open up my clutches and take a better look and do a small video regarding the noise issue on my 1000. I purchased this unit used and the previous owner said it has Airdam preprepped cv-tech primary and a machined secondary. In the video you can...
  10. Secondary Clutch Parts Problems

    Commander Performance Modifications
    Ok, my secondary came off the other day and bent up my tab washer along with a couple of other parts. So I went to go buy some new parts from can-am website and found something odd. The 1000's don't have the tab washer and the 800's have the tab washer. They both have different thrust washers as...
  11. High Speed Run up the Mt. Video

    Commander Videos & Pictures
  12. CVT Housing Hot Air Vent

    Commander General Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone has thought of a way to pump out the hot air in the CVT compartment? And, if it would help the belt life out? I was thinking it would be cool to not only pump the hot air out but maybe route it in a way that you could use the air as a heater??? You could attach...
  13. Blown Transmission

    Commander General Discussion
    UPDATE: NOT a Blown Transmission Just got back from a trip to Glamis, left early due to what I am assuming is a blown transmission. I was on my way to the drags from the washes and about 2-3 miles deep in the big dunes behind Olds when I heard a loud clunk and clatter of metal carnage. I...
  14. EPI Clutch Kit

    Commander Performance Modifications
    I installed the EPI duner kit for paddle tires. After installing it the first thing in noticed was it had a hard time engaging smooth. I figured it was the higher RPM engagement spring but I swapped that spring out for the white smaller spring and it does the same thing. So I took the severe...
  15. Glamis 2.11 & 2.17 - Presidents Day

    Local Rides and Events
    I am heading out with our group of quads and bikes and of course, my Commander, the weekend after the Packers win the super bowl and then for Presidents weekend. Any of you guys going?