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  1. Commander Videos & Pictures
    After riding for the first trip in our 2020 Commander I can already tell I will need a lift kit. How high would you guys and gals suggest on a lift and what brand. I will go bigger on a tire after these ware but not until then.Any suggestions or opinions are welcome.
  2. Commander Suspension Modifications
    This may be an old problem that's been solved but I'm new here. I have added a rear seat, roll cage, and quite a few other items on my 2015 commander xtp and it's now squatting down to only 8.5 inches of clearance on the rear before persons or cooler. What can I do to get the height back up? Is...
  3. Projects and How-To
    Guys I need help. I've heard and seen many different specs for these commander valves. I just called the local dealership and they said the intake is .06 - .14 and exhaust is .11 - .19. What gets me is even in thousands that's a big gap for a range to stay in. So my commander has had a chatter...
  4. Commander General Discussion
    I have a 2" lift on my base model commander i currently have 29.5 ols but was wondering if i could clear 31" ols?
1-4 of 4 Results