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  1. 2020 Commander 800dps Lift

    Commander Videos & Pictures
    After riding for the first trip in our 2020 Commander I can already tell I will need a lift kit. How high would you guys and gals suggest on a lift and what brand. I will go bigger on a tire after these ware but not until then.Any suggestions or opinions are welcome.
  2. Squatting due to added accessories

    Commander Suspension Modifications
    This may be an old problem that's been solved but I'm new here. I have added a rear seat, roll cage, and quite a few other items on my 2015 commander xtp and it's now squatting down to only 8.5 inches of clearance on the rear before persons or cooler. What can I do to get the height back up? Is...
  3. 2014 Commander 1000 XT Valve Adjustment

    Projects and How-To
    Guys I need help. I've heard and seen many different specs for these commander valves. I just called the local dealership and they said the intake is .06 - .14 and exhaust is .11 - .19. What gets me is even in thousands that's a big gap for a range to stay in. So my commander has had a chatter...
  4. Clearance question

    Commander General Discussion
    I have a 2" lift on my base model commander i currently have 29.5 ols but was wondering if i could clear 31" ols?