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  1. Commander forums discount code

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  2. With Age Comes A Cage!
    Our graphic artist has busted out a design with our fathers in mind. So sick, the best part is, it's 10% off this weekend only!! Not to mention it is also available with a pocket.
  3. NEED Stock Roll Cage

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Hi, my first post, had my 2011 X for two years now and I love it! This forum is great... about a year ago I tweaked my cage on roll on the passenger side, it's time to look into a replacement cage. I am thinking a stock cage since I have the can am roof. I thought I would check here to see...
  4. Rear cage Cover or Roof

    Commander Performance Modifications
    I just picked up my new 2013 X and am having the rear cage and seat installed for the kids. Does anyone have a cover or roof for the rear cage area that they like??
  5. Cage Needed

    Commander Roll Cages, Seats and Belts
    Hi Guys, I hate for this to be my first post, but I need a cage! I just brought my new '12 LTD home and I've already tweaked the stock cage in a slow roll over. I'm open to any input! I would love an aftermarket cage, but I would settle for a good stock takeoff if anyone has one. Thanks!
  6. Flyingbryan Commander Build 2012

    Commander Roll Cages, Seats and Belts
    Got my Can Am 2011 Commander 1000 XT back in October of 2010. Over the almost 2 years of owning it I have made a number of small changes to it but for a number of reasons I have only been out handful of times and a total of just over 500 miles on it. So I recently took my commander to Magnum...
  7. Wanted, stock cage

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Thanks for looking, need stock cage for 2011 X model cage...they bend easy. thanks 707-888-9058 erik name your price
  8. WTB factory roll cage

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Any one have a complete undamaged and unmodified factory roll cage within a few hours drive of louisville ky or richmond va? I took quite a tumble in mine yesterday and the cage is shot but at least me and my lady walked away completely unharmed.