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  1. Commander Wheel and Tire Discussion
    Hey guys I am new to the site, but I had an important question about can am Commander 1000 XT. So we have had some crazy rain and a few flood warnings in the South East Idaho Area and me and a friend went out a few days ago and rolled softly while spinning a cookie in the mud completely upside...
  2. Commander 1000
    Just picked up my 2013 commander 1000xt yesterday first ride out made it 40km into the trails after brakeing it it motoman style. Noticed my wheel was a little out of whack, must of hit somithin i was going pritty fast. But I got her back home with alot of dickin around and winching. I dout ill...
  3. Commander General Discussion
    This will be my first post, I've been poking around this site a couple times a week of the last few months and the most i see on here is about things breaking on the new commanders. As i have one coming in next month :)(1000X) i would like to hear from all the guys who have had zero issues from...
1-3 of 3 Results