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  1. Commander Performance Modifications
    Ok, so i have heard alot of different things about the K7T box on a '13, so i made a call to K&T today. I didnt get a name, but the gentleman i spoke to said that he is not aware of the their box not working on '12 or '13s. So i am asking everyone here do you have a K&T box on your '12 or '13...
  2. Commander Performance Modifications
    Does anyone know for sure if there is a "Black Box" availble for the 2013 Commander 1000 X??? If so who sells it ? Web site please? how much$$$ ? K&T site shows no way to find out and can't seem to find a site for BRP Racing as is so often referred to in threads about "Black Boxes" Please let me...
1-2 of 2 Results