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  1. New Belt

    Commander General Discussion
    I have a 2014 Commander that has 2500 miles on it. I have put on a set of tracks this winter and I,m looking at installing a new belt and clutch system. Any suggestions please. Thank you,
  2. Engine Breaking

    Commander General Discussion
    Went for a long ride the other day 50 miles round trip (that's a long ride for me!). I'd say I averaged 50-55mph, all road riding. It was a nice warm day (82°F) Got home and seemed like the belt was whining different than normal. A little higher pitched than normal. Also, I noticed that I had...
  3. Belt About To Go?

    Commander 800R
    I have noticed lately when I'm in 4x4 I can smell my belt. It only happens in 4x4. Is this normal or am I about to have a belt take a crap?
  4. needing some help.

    Commander General Discussion
    Got several things I'm gonna so if yall can give insight on so I'm gonna number them and if you have an answer for any I'd appreciate the help. 1. The most important thing is I'm having problems shifting my 1000xt. It started giving me problems after I had my belt changed. My dad's friend, who...
  5. Blown Belt!!!

    Commander General Discussion
    Hey guys. I was battling some nasty thick mud with my terminators when my fricken belt blow apart. We actually had to get a loader tractor to cut the bank down above it to drag it out of the spot it failed cuz nothing else could get close to it. Anyways I was curious to how hard of a job it is...
  6. 2013 commander 1000 XT Belts

    Commander 1000
    hi guys like the post says im looking for some part numbers for a new belt for my 2013 commander 1000 XT I only have 145 miles and I think I ruined it pulling out a 3/4 ton chevy that was stuck. it now jerks at take off once going is fine but shakes and jerks at first engagement. I did a search...
  7. 1000x Belt Explosion

    Projects and How-To
    Well it finally happened, belt exploded at about 60 mph had to be towed to flat ground by a first gen XP.. how embarassing. Unlike some of the other XT threads I have seen, the 1000X only has 6 bolts holding the CVT cover on. They are also mounted to the cover so they stay with it. It took...
  8. New 2013 belt, better than aftermarket belts?

    Commander General Discussion
    I read that CanAm has a different better belt in the 2013 Maverick model that is of higher quality than the current and will fit in the older models. Any opinions as to whether the new belt would be the one to go with or an aftermarket belt?
  9. Belt help

    Commander General Discussion
    I was loading the commander on the trail in high gear when it stop pulling and I got smoke. When i got home to took the belt cover off and it had a little water in it. The water may have come from washing it. The water was clean. It still doesn't pull like it should. Do I need to replace the...
  10. Important water/ CVT Info

    Commander General Discussion
    I just got back from a trip from River Ranch (FL) where I went through some deep water (up to my hip). After getting out of the water I immediately felt a loss of power and I kept stalling at low speeds. I figured the belt was just slipping from the water. Unfortunately, when I went in for my...
  11. CVT Housing Hot Air Vent

    Commander General Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone has thought of a way to pump out the hot air in the CVT compartment? And, if it would help the belt life out? I was thinking it would be cool to not only pump the hot air out but maybe route it in a way that you could use the air as a heater??? You could attach...