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  1. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I Have parts laying around that i think it is time to start getting rid of. QE Front Diff $400 Sold Front Axles L & R (stock) $100 ea Right Side Sold Rear Axles 2 (Slasher Brand) $100 ea Rear Axle 1 (stock) $100 ea Rear Trailing Arms $150 Upper and Lower A Arms with Bushings and ball joints...
  2. Commander 800R
    was curious if the front axles can be swapped from left to right and same on rear...have noticed on many axle listing they specify left or right..just looking to carry some spare axles with me on my rides like 1 for each front and rear
  3. Commander Suspension Modifications
    I am new to the sxs world and am looking into raising mine about 2 inches. Was wondering what lift is one of the better ways and if the lift will cause too much stress on other parts. I anytime you lift something you change the angles and wear. I just dont wanna be breaking things all the time...
  4. Commander Suspension Modifications
    Hey Guys, I am fairly new to owning a commander and visiting this site. I am installing a LT kit on my Commander and wanted to see if anyone knew the best way to remove the CV joints from the axle shafts? I found the video of "CV Man" using a driver tool to hammer off the outer cv joint. But...
1-4 of 4 Results