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  1. NEW Rhino Axles (front; both sides)

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I'm sorry that this is my first and only post here, but I have something that I hope is a good deal for someone. I have a Maverick and am active on 2 Rhino Axles from Super ATV. Left and right side. Stock length. $225 shipped...
  2. S3 Titan Axle Sale at Team FAS Motorsports!!!

    Team FAS Motorsports
    S3 TITAN AXLE SALE! This week we Teamed up with Dustin Henderson from S3 Powersports to provide a great Deal on the S3 Titan Axles. All Axles are in stock and include Free Shipping! These are the Axles they run on the Trail and on the S3 Race Winning Can Am Maverick! S3 Power Sports' TITAN...
  3. WTS: Used Slasher Axle

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I have a used driver side stock length slasher axle. Was just taking out a few days ago. To my knowledge there is nothing wrong with it and I have had no issues, the reason I am selling it is I need longer axles. It is a complete axle and being sold as is with no warranty. I am asking $70...
  4. WTS: Slasher Axle

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I have a brand new passenger side slasher stock length axle still in box. I bought it as a spare but am changing over to longer axles. It has never been used and is being sold as is. It is a complete axle. I bought both sides as spares and ended up using the driver side axle and have had zero...
  5. So ya broke an axle / diff !

    Commander General Discussion
    I have to admit I am not as seasoned a Commander rider as the rest of you but I am not having an easy time understanding the physics and bad luck that were at play when you broke them. These things look beefy to me and I know many of you would disagree with me on that . . . . but I really want...
  6. Big lift kit??

    Commander Suspension Modifications
    Ok so is anyone running any big lift kits on their commanders, like maybe a 6 inch lift? We have the 2.5 lift on ours but have seen a few with the 6 and they look really good but we've not gotten to talk to anyone and they were pretty expensive so we just didn't even consider it...
  7. Bent tie rod and broke axle 1st day

    Commander 1000
    Just picked up my 2013 commander 1000xt yesterday first ride out made it 40km into the trails after brakeing it it motoman style. Noticed my wheel was a little out of whack, must of hit somithin i was going pritty fast. But I got her back home with alot of dickin around and winching. I dout ill...