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    I put sealed bearings in this is what my bolt looked like. According to acefire on youtube there should be 3 washers. Upon removing in the picture is what i got? What do i do?
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    I have a 2013 can am commander XT w/ a 2.5 in lift It looks as though the bushings in all 4 A-arms are worn and are in need of replacement As evidenced by significant play in the both front tires unrelated to bad bearings and ball joints are in good repair. I want to replace all of these...
  3. Commander 1000
    Big shout out to Acefire for his help on the solution needed to repair my stripped heim joints on my Rackzilla R&P. Drilled the fit to 1/2" and installed bolt and double nutted. Just another great reason for the forum! Great people with excellent experience. Thanks again Acefire!