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  1. Commander General Discussion
    I'm looking into moving my winch from the bottom to the top on bumper like the xmr but was wondering where can I find the winch mount to do it right? I mocked it up with a cheap winch mount but want to do it right. Anyone know where to find one?
  2. Commander General Discussion
    Anyone know where to fond end caps fpr the bumper? Or at least the proper name for them? I recently lost mine on a ride. Thanks
  3. Commander 1000
    Hello, new commander xt owner here. Just did my break in oil changes at the 200m mark/13h. Bought all the XPS oil just for the first one to do it right. Front diff was easy, drained then cleaned plug and filled back up. Engine was just as easy drained then cleaned plug and filled up (2.1 q)...
  4. Commander General Discussion
    As the Gen2 Commander is very similiar to the Maverick Trail/Sport the administrators have added the Gen2 Commander to a Maverick sub-forum where the new Commanders have far more in common than with the Gen1 Commander. Have a look...
1-4 of 4 Results