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  1. Commander 1000
    2011 commander 1000 x on stock fox shocks and springs. I am looking for the spring rate of the stock springs. Any info on replacement springs with a higher rate.
  2. Commanders For Sale
    2012 Can am Commander 1000 x READY TO RACE! This car has been built up to handle some extreme terrian for 1000's of miles. Only 30 hours and 500 miles on the car. All fabrication done by St. George Motorsports including extending wheelbase 7" and widening it 5" per side. 16" of travel up front...
  3. Commander Suspension Modifications
    I am removing the rear springs on my 1000x. Can any one tell me how to get the springs off with the fox shocks in the way? Can you remove the top of the shocks where the piggy back is?
  4. Projects and How-To
    Well it finally happened, belt exploded at about 60 mph had to be towed to flat ground by a first gen XP.. how embarassing. Unlike some of the other XT threads I have seen, the 1000X only has 6 bolts holding the CVT cover on. They are also mounted to the cover so they stay with it. It took...
  5. Commanders For Sale
    This is my first post, but I am not spam bot! I am a member on many forums, just became a member here to post this for sale I buy toys all the time and bought this on a whim. I already have 3 other UTV's (kawasaki mule trans, 12' polaris rzr xp 900, and a cub cadet diesel) I have no need for...
  6. Commanders For Sale
    We are looking for a 1000 x Commander. We are in southern Oklahoma. Please contact ASAP. We would like to purchase as soon as possible. :commanderroll: Thanks! Chaneycoupons At Yahoo. Com
  7. Commander Videos & Pictures
    I finally got time off to travel to the Great White North to pick up my X which has been sitting at the dealer for over a month. Yesterday my son and I took it for a ride up in Northern Maine. It was a bit chilly (27 degrees) but the ride more than made up for the cold !!!!! Below is a link to...
  8. New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    First sup to all the forum members and guest, hope all are well. iv been stalking this forum, i ordered my x a month ago. the don't tell anyone approach brp is taking is just wrong on a bunch of levels( the wait and non info is just the worst). S0 Saturday mine gets delivered and of course its...
1-8 of 9 Results