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  • ff2155 ·
    Hey I posted a ride to winrock in the commander general discussion thread can u move it to the event and rides thread? thanks, Jason
    Brownie ·
    Had a little trouble with attachments this morning and wanted to let you know. Might be obvious on my part but ???
    All went well with Post Reply, Manage attachment - PREVIEW MESSAGE but then I clicked on attached picture and got enlargement like I expected BUT I had no way OUT / BACK TO POST. Only way to get out of enlarged picture was X and that took me out of FORUM completely! Was expecting some version of - BACK TO MESSAGE.
    Ditchdigger ·
    I am trying to put a signature banner to my post. But I am restricked from posting images. It is a BlueRibbon Coalition banner, witch I am a lifetime member. I was wondering if you could help me. I see other's have pictures and banners on thier post. Thank you for your help.
    skidoot ·
    about the post i started about factory recalls -----why is their an op after my screen name? just wondering never seen that before........
    sxsnut ·
    Sorry screen not blank shows everything except threads. New posts is how I look for info and see what's going on.
    sxsnut ·
    Hey don't know where to address this problem, active topics not showing up on my phone. Tried logging out, pulling battery out. Work on wifes phone. Please help.
    Old Dune Rider ·
    Dear OSOKILL, I am logged in as Darrell Hone. I would like to change my name to Old Dune Rider and change the name on my existing posts or remove myself from the forum and reregister. Can you help me?
    Darrell Hone
    Hooty222 ·
    Hey Rick great site, learning alot...... laughing at breakinwind.... I think Can am need to get more commander units out there so we can get down to really tweeking the commanders instead of F**king with eachother. I am still waiting for my X since Halloween..... Again thanks for your effort on the site. Bob
    get this guy off my ass or im going to start a new tread and flame his ass infront of everybody or dont because you want to see me do it lol
    if you will open the thread back up i will promise i wont let the guy piss me off im sure he is the dealer that tried to screw him out of his deposite i feel bad for getting his thread closed
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