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  • bollax ·
    What is the cost to become a vendor on the forum, I only have a few low priced items and not even sure they will sell.
    Just a private individual with a few ideas etc.
    Please let me know procedure & cost.
    hunter4racks ·
    Hi, I'm running into a problem. I just purchased a new computer and when I sign in on the home page my user name appears in the upper right corner like normal but when I go to active topics it shows the sign in option and I can't post. When I try to sign in on the active topic page it goes to the welcome hunter4racks page but when it goes back to the n-topic page it shows I'm not signed in again. My new system is a HP running windows 8 if it matters. Thanks
    Old Dune Rider ·
    Hello Admin, I am logged in as Darrell Hone and would like to change my name to Old Dune Rider with the same password. If this can't be done how do I remove myself from the forum? Thanks
    Darrell Hone
    Goldfinger ·
    It appears I made a statement that bothered a senior member and for that I am sorry. Then he made mention of banning people like me from the site, that was the inferrence I got. Then he called me a bigot. I will watch my comments in the future but the name calling by roadrage I believe was over the line. I am truly sorry if I have created any problems and everything I said was meant in humor only.

    The post was "got my new toy, WHAT A SHOCKER"

    On a high note I like the site and it is well done, THANKS!
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