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Ride for about 15 minutes, start overheating then it will not let me shift into P,R,N,H,L, and stays at 2500 rpms. I just put antifreeze in and burped it for 14 hrs and the problem will not go away
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Welcome to the forum. It sounds to me like you may have a couple of different problems independent of one another. Those in the know will pipe up. Good luck. Booger.

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Iím not in the know but Iíll pipe up... Iím going to post a screenshot of Acefireís coolant bleeding instructions below. Iím not sure of the failure mode of the water pumps on these things. I have seen posts about thermostats sticking and having to be replaced.

Of course you canít shift because your running 2500 rpm and the clutch is engaged. But why Iím not sure. Is it throwing any codes - is your check engine light on?

How to pull codes in this thread: https://www.commanderforums.org/foru...ine-codes.html

Possible problem with the TPS throttle position sensor, ETA electronic throttle actuator, MAPTS manifold air pressure temperature sensor, the foot accelerator pedal assembly or an air leak.

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2011 1000XT

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Slowindown not in the know. Lol. Sounds like you are. Iíll bet OP appreciates the help.

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Any time my bike or those I ride with have overheated it's always been caused by a dirty radiator.
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Definitely need to pull the codes . To figure out why itís idling at 2500.
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Temperature sensor is a common problem and not too expensive or hard to replace.
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I used to have overheating problems with my 1000x all the time. For me it started with a failed water pump on a long dirty poker rally - but it still overheats once in a while. Here is what I do now. Go to Princess auto and buy a Radiator Fill Kit - https://www.princessauto.com/en/deta...it/A-p8572315e. It is a funnel kit that will allow you to keep enough extra antifreeze above the fill cap so that air bubbles can be removed while running the engine and circulating the cooling system.

Jack the front of your machine up or drive the front end onto a 4 step porch - you really want to get the front wheels 2 to 3 feet above the back wheels - this is to get the air bubbles to move up and out. Remove the rad cap on the Commander (when it is cold) - install the funnel and fill the funnel up about 5 inches with antifreeze - make sure the funnel is secure and wont tip over when the engine is running. Start the commander and let it warm up - watch the temperature gauge and the fluid level in the funnel - if the temperature maxes out - turn the commander off and let it cool down to less than 3 bars and start again. Or if the fluid level in the funnel drops down as the bubbles come out - fill it back up so you have 5 inches in the funnel. You may need to start and stop / cool down the commander until you can let the commander idle for 15 - 30 minutes without overheating. Once it will idle without overheating - then sit in the commander and rev it up to 4-5000 rpm to get the engine heated up. Let the commander go through about 3 cycles of the fan coming on and the shutting off - this will make sure that the thermostat is opening up and circulating the fluid in the system. If you can do that - turn the commander off and let it sit over night and really cool off - with the antifreeze still in the funnel. Start it up again in the morning and run it at 4-5000 rpm until the fan kicks on and off couple of times. Now you can be confident that you will not over heat when you are out in the middle of the bush. It is easier to move air bubbles out of the system when the antifreeze is cold - and the air bubbles will stay in solution - but when it gets hot - the air will try to separate. The only way to get all the air out is to get the fluid moving when it is cold. You will know when you are getting all of the tiny bubbles out of the system - as the antifreeze will no longer be swelling up in the funnel with a white frothy color - rather it will move up and down a little in the funnel as the thermostat open and closes but the color remains green or yellow.

If you get and use this funnel once every fall - you won't have any overheating issues. You will be very happy you bought the funnel as it makes it really simple and easy to do. If you still do have overheating problems - there is something else wrong. And if you ride in a lot of dirty water or mud - you should definitely take the rad off at least once a year and give it a good spray wash.
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Oh yeah - and keep the overflow tank filled to the right level as it will suck antifreeze back into the radiator when it cools down - but if you let it get too low - it will such air back into the radiator.
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Driving up on porch steps is a GREAT idea! I actually bought a jack from Harbor Freight that goes under the front wheels and lifts high enough. I think it's for lawn mowers. But it works great for this or any other time you need to jack the thing up.

The reason I got it is I tried to burp the cooling system without it. I couldn't get it to go...no matter how long or how many times I tried. If you aren't getting the front end up, my experience is it just won't burp.
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