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Does anyone think Can Am will ever come up with a fix for "the noise"?

I'm currently down at the Paiute ATV trail system here in Utah and I love my Commander, just not the noise. I've done all the mods as far as thermotec etc.

I keep hearing RZR's going by with no noise and it pisses me off Can Am thought it was ok to make such a noisy vehicle.

I have read someone saying they are trying to come up with a fix but no definite answer. Hell, I would pay whatever to just make the ride more enjoyable.

I'm just looking for someone with some reliable info that they are trying to come up with a fix. I don't see it being an easy one if it is the straight cut gears in the trans, because that would seem like a total redesign needed to remedy that..

I used to have a 411 diff and got it replaced with a 506, and it is quieter, but it isn't where the noise is coming from. It's the trans I believe.

Please no earplug pictures or trade the POS in on an XP responses, I like the commander and just would like them to quiet it down.

Anyone have any reliable info?

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RBRK, what model year is your Commander? Just wondering if the '11s are nosier than the '12s. I suspect that CanAm will improve the "noise" problem in future model years, but let the early adopters take it in the shorts. I'm new to this SxS game, but I wonder if the expectations on low noise is too high? I mean, after all, we're sitting right on top of a running engine, exhaust, gear box, etc., and expect it to not be "noisy" or even warm? Can't speak to the noise level of the other brand, any other brand, but maybe they are less noisy because they don't go as fast? I know of other wives that are less noisy than mine, but I wouldn't give mine up for any of them. Maybe Commander noise, just like a wives, is something we have to live with to enjoy the rest of the experience.
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I hear what you are saying. I called my dealer two days ago and told him they got to do something about the noise, because I am about ready to sell it. I can't take it to the dealer until I get new tires because I destroyed my right rear a week ago. Drove it 20 miles with flat tire. All I can say is the bead locks work go for that. Thinking about ITP's new Blackwater Evolution tires. Has anybody seen these in action or hear anything about them. From what I read they are a nice tire. Any input appreciated.
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I agree with you both. Sitting on a running engine only covered by plastic is bound to be noisey no matter what. There are a couple of threads where people have covered the inside of the plastics with dynomat. I did this myself and it is quieter but not quiet. The rzrs and other machines have the engines behind them basically under the bed. If youve ever been in a Rhino they are pretty loud too.

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I've got a 2012X and it's not that bad. I've got a 2010 Outty 800 that we've rode for the last three years and it's pretty loud. I guess that's why the Commander noise don't bother me cause im used to it! I thought the same thing when I first got the outty that is was awful loud!
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Strange that no one has been able to clearly identify source of noise.

Are we 100% sure that it comes from rear differential ?

The noise is strident and in my point of view, not bearable on long trail.

I believe many of us are ready to sold the commander for this reason.

I hope brp will come with a fix but the cost to fix all commander will be crazy i suppose.
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the noise sucks but what drives me nuts is the clutch clunk! That shouldnt happen when you drop 17000+ on a machine when other cheaper ones out there dont do it.

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Clutch clunk is very easy fix with dalton or epi clutch kit or qsc or cvtech primary.

The strident noise has no easy fix.

This clunk noise is simply the play between the helix and the secondary clutch
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I heard of putting in saw-dust into rear truck diffs to make them stop whinning: something to try if you really can't take the noise:> but with my bike I wear a Helmet and drive the shit out of it most of the time giving me no time to worry about noise: My custom airboxless intake (open filter in cab) makes plenty of noise when i'm having fun. And I still love my SxS esspecailly when I go threw more mud and water than almost anything else that runs out here

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Does the 800 and 1000 make the noise everyone talks about or just the 1000?
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